Sunday, August 16, 2009

When challenged to write a psalm...

The stream is flowing as people are growing,
but I feel it just passes me by.
I was a rocket with moon-bound trajectory,
but now I wonder if I will hit the clouds.

Basics, God, of soaking in your Word or hearing your voice elude me.

I have settled in my relationship with you.
Nothing excites me.
I feel that I am drifting Lord, lacking real purpose.
I wonder if I make you smile anymore.

This seems trivial, but it feels like a tar pit.
Will you show your mercy, and free me from these invisible webs?

When I say, "I surrender",
will you give me the courage to do what that means?
When I say, "I want to put your words into practice",
will your Spirit empower me sufficiently?

You truly are my only hope,
help me not to let go.

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