Sunday, June 16, 2013

Crud the game

I was recently at a company offsite that really epitomized for my why Amazon is such a great place to work.  The mix of creativity, passion, and fun made for a highlight of the year.  It occurred to me that a great entertainment event for future would be a Crud tournament (see and  Have others played this, or seen it deployed at a larger scale (150 person) setting?


  • Multiple pool tables required.  
  • You can have a nice round-robin, and then get into a tournament bracket to establish champions.
  • You could imagine using projectors well for the tournament bracket (NCAA March Madness style).

Reasons I'd advocate for Crud:

  • Unique - most people haven't played it before.
  • Newcomer welcome - anyone can learn to play.
  • Good mix of skill, strategy, and luck.  This helps newcomers feel like they can contribute, but also keeps people engaged because there's opportunity to get better.