Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lent '08 - Day 31: Persevering past "mental obsession"

Kara is almost done with school and work, and the combination of the two hasn’t been easy. Since starting to work while being a student, she comes home much more tired than before. Kara doesn’t have to work for us to pay our room and board, so I’ve been very impressed with the way she has persevered and worked hard on her own accord. In talking about it with her, she knows without a doubt that she has had God’s help. She doesn’t know how she would get through it otherwise.

Kara’s perseverance is a good reminder for me as I struggle to persevere mentally. I am currently “mentally obsessed’ with a project I’m working on at work. I struggle to get it out of my head. I keep saying in my head, “I just can’t stop thinking about this.” When being honest with myself though, I realize that what I can’t stop thinking about is something that I want to think about. Isn’t it great how my mind gets tricked into thinking that not doing something it wants to do can’t be done?

That’s where perseverance has to come in. Although I want to think about technology, it’s not good for my soul or the Kingdom to continually do. At the end of life, the lines of code making a web page look a little prettier aren’t going to mean much, especially if they choked off my heart from the needs of people and desires of God.

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