Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Web Hosting Recommendation

I was recently asked about whether I am happy using Host Gator for web hosting. The answer is that I'm very happy with them, and would recommend them to anyone. I have been impressed with Host Gator a few fronts:
  • The price is awesome. At $9.99 a month, we're hosting quite a few domains, and haven't ever had any issues with size or bandwidth caps.
  • They have a Linux hosting environment with ssh access. While they provide Windows hosting as well, the *nix environment is what I work in every day and feel very comfortable with.
  • Their control panel exposes a lot of great functionality.
  • The default setups of Apache, MySql, and PHP are great. I've spent almost zero time fiddling with that stuff.
  • Their customer support is very responsive. We use Google Apps for all of our domains (with the primary reason to get Google's dominant email service). This requires making various DNS changes. They don't allow me to do this on my own, but within an hour usually of opening a support ticket, the changes have been made for me.
So yeah, I would definitely recommend them. I can't vouch for their email service because we have always used Google, and if you haven't gone down that path, I would highly recommend it too!

Also, you can read more Host Gator reviews at http://www.hostgatoreview.com/

UPDATE: if you decide to get a HostGator account, can you please sign up by clicking the image above?  This will send a referral fee our way, which I would be more than happy to split with you.  Thanks!

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