Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lent '09 - Day 16: Money is a Tool

Luke 16 has so much to say about money. Please read it. Money is a tool and we're to be strategic with it. Strategic in the sense of using it to impact people. In the shrewd manager's case, he gets called to account for poor performance, and he learns a lesson. He acts shrewdly by surrendering his commission to his master's customers. Strategic move.

Jesus goes on to talk about how money is really a test. If we aren't responsible with something small like money, then we aren't fit to steward other things. How we handle money seems to be so key. It makes me think that church's and parents should really invest a lot more into this topic. I don't think encouraging people to give 10% to their church is doing justice to this area. Kids should encouraged to think creatively in this area.

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