Friday, March 6, 2009

Lent '09 - Day 9: Praying Tired

Does anyone else struggle to pray or read Scripture when tired? I will be mid sentence, and just blank out. In observing Jesus, one sees him go and pray after long/hard days or through the night, and I wonder how he did it. I find it strange because I can do pretty well working when tired. Maybe because it's more active? Designing or thinking hard about a problem though are more difficult when tired, but answering questions or writing code for things I'm very familiar with is not so impaired. In thinking about it more, it's the higher level functions that are affected by being tired (e.g. listening, relating with feelings, studying, etc.). There are definitely times to forgo on sleep and bank on God to provide the energy to get through the day, but when it's within our control to get good sleep, we owe it our relationships (including with God) to do so.

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