Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lent '09 - Day 20: An Enlightening 7 Mile Hike

Imagine witnessing all the events in Jerusalem the week before. Jesus looks to be at the top of his game. People are trying to stump him, but he cuts through their falsehood and points the people to the truth. He is unpredictable with his actions, but everything he seems to do is right. He even has a poignant passover meal with his closest followers.

But then things start going down hill. One of these same disciples betray him. Countless false charges are made against him. Despite both rulers in the land seeing nothing wrong wit him, the order to crucify him still comes down. Women are waling, scoffers are mocking him, and Roman soldiers doing their duty are driving nails into his wrists and feet. The one who was supposed to be triumphant has been unraveled so quickly. And it's a holy week for the nation, and everyone takes a strict day of rest immediately following, leaving plenty on their minds to think about.

Two days after the crucifixion, some of the women who were closest to him, head to his burial site only to find angels. They are so astonished that there words don't make much sense when they report it to others. Peter goes to check out the situation and also witnesses the empty tomb, but no angels. What is going on?

You have been in the midst of all these events, and you need to run an errand to a village 7 miles outside of the city. There are no cars, and 7 miles doesn't warrant the burden or expense of animal transportation. In 2-3 hours, your feet can take you there. There is lots to think about during the walk: "What happened? Why did this happen? What could we have done to prevent this? And what's this message this story about the women seeing angels?"

While pondering these questions, a stranger comes up from behind. He appears to be oblivious to what has just transpired the week before. But he then starts talking about Scripture. He walks the pages from beginning to end, pointing out how all these events needed to occur. He is not troubled by this past week, but is deeply satisfied that the Scriptures have been fulfilled. The more he talks, the more your heart is burning. He understands things that you don't, and he's letting you in on it. He is seeing truth that others have missed, and he is making sense of chaos that others have been stuck in. You are enlightened, and your enlightenment peaks when you come to find out that this fellow traveler is Jesus himself!

You are about to experience more miracles as a result of Jesus. One thing he makes clear though is that you have a mission. You have had your eyes opened for a purpose. He walked with you and opened the Scriptures for you, not for entertainments sake, but so you could fulfill the charge given to you. Your are to be his witness. As he was for you, you are to be others. Do you accept it? Are you being his witness?

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