Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lent '08 - Day 20: Learning

One of the first things I do when I get into the office is read my work/technical related RSS feeds. One feed I quickly breeze over to get a higher-level beat on what’s going on in the tech community is Slashdot. There was an article this morning about correcting misconceptions about evolution. In the Slashdot blurb, was this line:
“Everyone is a lifelong learner, but once people leave school, that learning becomes a voluntary matter that's largely driven by individual taste.”
Pretty soon afterwards, I got a call from Ryan Thomas, our great friend and excellent tenant downstairs that water was leaking in the closet from up above in our unit. Ouch, not good! He quickly got the water turned off, and I headed home from work to investigate things further. Today was a pretty stressful day, but in the midst of the cleanup and head scratching, I really enjoyed learning about water heaters and understanding how they worked.

Thinking back on it, learning happens all around me. While talking with my Mom in preparation for Mitch and George spending the weekend with us (yay!), she was telling me about all the technique learning she is undergoing in both biking and swimming as she prepares for her first triathlon. Growing up in Newfoundland wasn’t the most conducive to learning to swim. She’s learning now. Good stuff. I learned about coops and how they can benefit the poor. I learned about landscape architects and what the title means. I learned about drying out drywall. And this doesn’t include all the technical components I learn for work. Learning is usually driven out of necessity for me, but one thing I look very forward to in heaven is learning. Maybe learning out of necessity will occur there too, I don’t know, but I’m sure learning for the pleasure of it will be present. Just think, learning with people from all over the globe in a reality more alive and full than the one we currently know.

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