Friday, February 8, 2008

Lent '08 - Day 3: Confession And Its Outcome

This morning while praying, I realized I hadn't conciously confessed anything to God in at least a week. Confession helps humilty be genuine for me. It's one thing to say "I'm a screw up" having a vague sense of past wrongs, and another to be able to point to occassions over the last few days where I have sought my own interests over those of God's or others.

Anyways, I reflected on how I've lived the last few days, and the main thing jumping out to me was how I had neglected spending concious time Downtown to be able to talk with people on my way in to work. I had been putting productivity at work before getting time with those on the street. I don't feel like I can say sorry to God if I'm not going to do my part in resolving my wrong. It's just like how you can't aplogize for hurting someone and then immediately keep doing the same hurtful behavior without attempting to try something different. When I'm at my best, confession binds me to corrective action. In this case, to confess required adjustedmy time usage. I resolved to spend a half hour on the way to work seeing who was on 3rd Avenue and talking with whoever seemed opened to it.

I came up from the Pioneer Square bus tunnel and there was one man sitting off to the side who caught my attention. I walked up and down the block and came back to this same man, greeted him, and got a nice greeting back. I got some hot chocolate poured, and I was quick to learn that the man was a fellow Canadian. It's great the way shared nationality in a different country creates connection. The man's name was John, and he was quick to share. He is a very bright and capable 45-50 year old man. If he was dressed in nice clothes like the business people that cruised past us, nothing would make you think differently with him. Within 15 minutes, John had to get going to an appointment, but I gave him my business card and asked him to call me so I could get his contact info. Sure enough, in the afternoon, John called and had lots to share about all the politcal hubub with Obamma and Clinton in town. John was appreciating the relationship that was developing, and he was up for meeting up to talk more in person next week.

It was good to be reminded of the practical value that can come from confession, both for my soul and for others...

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Anonymous said...

"WOW" - That is all I can say. The way God works leaves me stunned.