Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lent '08 - Day 1: Blogging as a Lenten Discipline

I haven't blogged in a long time, but it has come across my mind a lot lately to start doing it again. A lot processing occurs for me when I write something down or talk about it. The process either strengthens my thoughts or exposes areas of weakness, both of which are good and welcome. I also find that there is much from the day before that I miss if I don't consciously think about it and write it down.

Now, today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. One can read more about both of these on Wikipedia, but basically it's a time (40 days, not including Sundays) of preparation for Easter. How Lent is celebrated various significantly between Christian traditions. Many impose some sort of restraint in their life over Lent (e.g. no meat, no chocolate, etc.). When one feels the desire for the things he or she are forgoing, it's supposed to serve as a trigger towards focusing on Christ. Others conciously add something else in to their lives (e.g. reading, prayer, communion, etc). What's most important and beneficial is to cultivate receptivity and awareness to Christ in this time.

So, to jump start my blogging again, I'm committing to writing up a post each day over Lent. I don't have a specific theme that I'll be writing to. The charter isn't clear. I can forsee writing about things I'm reading (e.g. Bible or other), things I noticed/experienced during the day (e.g. working as a software engineer, being a husband, talking with people on the street), things I have questions about (e.g. money, leadership, church), or any intersection of the three.

Thanks for reading, please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to leave any comments.


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Michelle said...

I came across your blog, as I too, was contemplating in blogging my lentern journey this year. Lent for me has often just slipped by, without much meaning and ends with a celebration of Easter ham, and sweets. In past few years, I've given up meat for lent, and it eventually became a habit, with a few "cheating" days. Only once, did I feel a strong connection to the journey of Christ during lent, and I attribute it to setting up a daily discipline of reading "The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ." This year, though I did not mark the start with ashes, I do hope to make this lent a meaningful one. I wish you a good lent, and hope that through your blogging, you will feel His Love and experience the true meaning of Lent/Easter.